Can detect any type of Cancer before any other standard test, although not where it is located.

Accuracy: 95%-99%

Mode: Blood draw

Cost: $250.00 (covered by Medicare)                       Website:


Finds Breast Cancer years before Mammography using infrared heat sensing and does not require compression of breast, does not cause pain and give off radiation.

Cost: $200-$500.00


DR. MARY, uses machines similar to Thermography and Ultrasound but much more can be seen and done watch the video here and get buy a discount coupon:


Cancer uses HCG the “Preganancy Hormone” to cloak itself from the immune system, the Navarro urine test measures the amount of HCG in urine, (do not use if pregnant) this test can be done at home and mailed to the Navarro Clinic below:

Cost: $55.00


Detects Cancer at stage 0.  Uses the ENOX2 protein that exists only on the surface of a malignant cancer cells.

Cost: $850.00

Accuracy: 95%



RGCC is a laboratory IN Greece that has developed a patented membrane that is able to capture malignant cells from your blood. It is capable of capturing one malignant cell out of trillions of normal blood cells. It is so specific it can actually give a count of malignant cells captured per milliliter of blood that is sent to Greece.

Once the scientist have captured the malignant cells on the membrane they are able to grow or culture the cells outside of your body on cell culture dishes. Next, over six days they test the cultures with all the modern chemotherapy agents, over 70 natural agents, as well as the genetic expression of the cancer itself. At the end of the six days of testing all of these agents, the scientist give a percentage of kill rate or percentage of decrease of the malignant cells in the cell culture dishes. The gene expression part of the test allows us to really look at how the malignant cells want to grow, multiply, develop new blood vessels, grow in other places (metastasis), what feeds it and what inhibits it. This information allows your oncologist or practitioners get a specific look and insight on which therapy may work best for you. It allows oncologist to be specific with their chemotherapy treatments and also allows you and other practitioners to know what may be the best natural approach to cancer therapy as well.

Cost: $600-$3,000 depending on different panels taken

Integrative and Holistic doctors can order my doctor link is here: