Hi I’m Carla.  In late July of 2015 I felt a huge lump in my breast and instinct told me that it was Cancer.  It hurt so I started doing research on the internet and found out that pain usually occurs in lumps that are either not Cancer,  or Cancer that is very advanced.  I also felt the bump very warm to the touch and that is a sure sign of your body trying to fight something!  I had to go to a family reunion out of the country, so I decided that I needed to get through that first and not alarm my family.  (I really needed a vacation too!)

I went on the trip and then decided that I needed to find out what was going on but didn’t want to go to the Cancer centers in Nevada that I heard so many horror stories about from friends and clients, so I headed out to Palm Springs where my brother in law is a physician.  My brother in law’s doctor friend gave me an CT scan and sure enough it looked HUGE and malignant.

I was able to get an appointment through my insurance in Palm Springs and received more tests and scans and finally a diagnosis of Stage 2 Breast Cancer.  My family was devastated and wanted me to start chemo treatment ASAP!  (Tumor was too large for surgery)  I felt that after all the research that I had done (in just a few days) “Regular Chemo” was not right for me.  I kept asking for a specific course of treatment and all they would say is “that is not how we do that here and we don’t have anything else like “targeted chemo” “, I felt pressured by everyone so I agreed to get a port the next week.

My gut told me that this decision was wrong and dangerous so I decided to ditch my port surgery and leave Palm Springs to get a second opinion at USC in Los Angeles.  My husband and I gathered our belongings and headed out to USC even though my family did not agree with putting off the treatment.  (They were afraid this tumor would pop right out of my chest!)

When we arrived at Keck Medical Center we met with the surgeon and she stated that my tumor was too big to be removed at this time and that my best choice would be to join a clinical trial, but to qualify I would have to re-do all the tests because the tests that had been done in Palm Springs were “inconclusive” and that even though I had received very large amounts of radiation due to all the testing they would have to be done over again.

I again was subjected to numerous PET Scans, Brain Scans, CT scans and several Mammograms.  We remained the weekend in California for the results on Monday and when the surgeon called us, she said “I’m sorry but you do not qualify for the trial, you have tumors all over your left lung and sternum and so you are a stage 4 cancer, not stage 2 as previously thought”.   Well what shall I do? I asked, she replied ” I would go see an oncologist as soon as possible, so sorry, goodbye”.

After two weeks of waiting, I finally got an appointment with an oncologist at Keck Medical Center.  Both the head of oncology and my oncologists suggested that I undergo a very dangerous procedure through my windpipe to get a biopsy of the seven or so tumors in my sternum and lung, (just to make sure I didn’t also have another type of cancer besides breast cancer).  I thought you said that you are 90% sure it’s only breast cancer?  I asked, “yes but we just want to rule anything else out”.  I politely declined the operation, ” I don’t care what kind of Cancer I have, it’s all the same to me, I will not risk my life for your curiosity”.

So they said, they will treat me with a chemo drug and a hormone blocker.  I asked what my chances of survival would be if I followed their treatment plan and he said ” You have a 2.3% chance of living 5 years”.  (At least he was honest!)

What if I do nothing I asked, he replied ” as the tumors keep growing you will suffocate to death”, are there any other treatments like diet or anything, anywhere else in the world with better odds?   No, he said ” we have the best medical care in the world and if there were anything else in the world that worked better, we would have it!”  (I sensed this statement to be very far from the truth).  Okay, I said, “I’ll take your pills”.

We went home rather sad and disillusioned with the state of Cancer care in the United States.  I had been reading and learning so much about Cancer treatments in other parts of the world that my goal became to raise enough money to go out of the country to get treatment.  When I got the pills I took one look at the label with all the warnings of “cytotoxic drug” and said “no way I’m taking this!”  I told the pharmacy to not send any more and I shoved them in a bathroom cabinet as far back as possible so as to not contaminate anything else in there, I did however take the hormone blocker for a while, because I knew it would probably buy me some time while I figured out what else to do.

I opened a Go Fund Me account and started looking for Doctors that would help me.  It was very sad to me that all the doctors that had come up with different “treatments”  where being bullied so much by the authorities that they just decided to move out of the country!

I was not raising money fast enough so I started doing some protocols on my own  like the Budwig Protocol, and later found a Dr. in town that would give me Vitamin C infusions twice per week (not covered by insurance).

To make a very long story short, after 3 months I went back to Keck for an MRI and found that the main tumor had shrunk by 1/3.  The doctor was upset when I told him I didn’t take the chemo drug, but was quickly curious and amazed at what I had been doing in the last three months.

Six months after starting my Vitamin C infusions and other natural protocols, I had a PET scan and the main Tumor had shrunk in half and all the other tumors were gone!  The SUV rating of the tumor also went down dramatically!

I’m still working hard to overcome this Cancer completely, but because I have knowledge, I AM NOT AFRAID OF CANCER ANYMORE!

I have started this website to help others with Cancer and to have hope by helping find all the information to empower you and your loved ones to FIGHT THE NATURAL WAY!  Please sign up for my newsletter and get your FAST START CHECKLIST! GET YOUR FAST START CHECKLIST

UPDATE: June 2016, small dead tumor remains, no sign of active Cancer anywhere in my body, I never lost my hair and I feel better than ever!.

UPDATE: December 2016, PET Scan shows disturbing Cancer activity around tumor. (I had stopped the Vitamin C IV infusions and supplements a few months back due to lack of funds)

UPDATE: February 2017, My breathing becomes labored, my voice is hoarse and I have difficulty swallowing, speaking and eating, I stop all supplements in pill form due to inability to swallow and severe nausea.

UPDATE: May 2017, Dr. Mary finds that I have a massive pleural effusion and have to go into hospital for emergency drainage.

UPDATE: June 2017, Dr. Mary finds 4 gallstones in my common bile duct and another pleural effusion. I am admitted to hospital for a week, while getting several procedures to clear the stones and surgery to have a catheter drain put in my left lung, doctor warns of severe risk of infection.  The three procedures fail to provide results with gallstones as gallstones have now dissolved due to taking “Stone Free”.  I have now lost over 20 pounds in just 3 months and all I can eat is mashed potatoes and juice.  Doctors do not know and can’t figure out what is going on my throat but state “the cancer is going crazy (Likely the two x-rays and scans every day while in hospital).

UPDATE: End of June 2017, after months of waiting, I finally get a referral to an Ear Nose and Throat doc that states “You have a paralyzed left vocal fold/cord and you are in grave danger of aspirating into the lungs.  He offers no solution but voice therapy.  I begin my new advanced protocol for people that have difficulty eating.

UPDATE: June 29, 2017, I find a great surgeon that is very receptive to alternative treatments and go in for surgery to remove remaining tumor on left breast and reduce tumor load toxicity.  Surgeon finds that Tumor has invaded and attached to pectoral muscle and she must scrape and remove large amount of muscle, she did not take lymph nodes as requested by me and informed me that this is considered a mastectomy.  Still no voice, dealing with two drains, one for lung and one for surgery, but maintaining weight due to new protocol.


Please watch the documentary that changed everything for me!  WATCH HERE