Hi Warriors!  watch this video with Dr. Patrick Vickers and my friend Chris from Chris Beat Cancer and you will learn some amazing things that they are doing down in Mexico!  The video is a little long but well worth the watch.  In the beginning of the video they mention a device “mat” and how it helped one of the patients so much that Dr. Vickers now has one for his clinic.

I myself use this class 1 medical device invented in Germany that is now available in the United States.  It is endorsed by 3000 or so physicians, clinics and universities in Europe and validated by over 50 medical publications.  It should be used about 2 times per day, so it would be ideal for you to have one at home.  They are a bit pricey but well worth it.  You may also be able to find someone that has one and pay a small fee to use it or get financing!  I am now a distributor for this device and the name of it cannot be mentioned on this website, but you can go to this link for more information: NEW MEDICAL DEVICE INFO