10 thoughts on “How I Beat Stage 4 Breast Cancer without Chemo, Surgery or Radiation!

  1. Congratulations!! Well done!!!
    I am confused about flax oil. Should an estrogen sensitive woman with a history of breast cancer in her immidate family and who was diagnosed with stage 1 uterine cancer eat flax oil? Thank you!

  2. Carla, in the video you mentioned that you were trying to raise $40k to cover treatment costs and raised 11k. How much did your treatment cost in total?

  3. Hi I know some one that was just diagnosed with breast cancer resently and she has been told to go for surgery, pls any advice of treatment for her.


  4. Hello Carla
    I watched your interview and you gave me the courage to disclose my story.
    I have been diagnosed with,BC 1 month later, August 31st 2015, and after lumpectomy I have opted for a different path.
    I would love to connect with you, will you attend the conference in Dallas next October?
    I I’ll be there and hope to embrace you.
    Thank you!

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